Is managing your practice a constant struggle? Would you like to know how to manage your law practice more efficiently and effectively? If so, you should take a look at our software, The Complete Law Office Solution.

Our law practice management software is unique in the industry. It was not designed by programmers to suit their easiest work flow, but was developed by a former attorney who designed the work flow of the program to suit a user's needs in an efficient and user-friendly manner. We appreciate suggestions and other input from our users to help us make it even better.


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Practising in a fog?

Managing your practice in a fog?

TCLOS law office management software will save you and your staff many hours of tedious and unpleasant work managing your firm. Implement TCLOS this Summer to make your practice more enjoyable, and more profitable, not to mention more efficiently and effectively managed by the time Fall arrives.

Some key features of TCLOS

All documents and confidential client information are securely encrypted and locked inside our Microsoft SQL Server database, making it inaccessible to unauthorized individuals.

Time and billing with The Complete Law Office Solution is easier and more efficient than with any other office management software we have seen. Bill using the full set of UTBMS codes, or add in your own custom codes if you wish. Prepare and send an interim billing statement for any client or clients at any time with a simple touch of a button.

Absolutely secure, encrypted, and privacy protected document creation and management allowing easy recall and review of any and all documents for any individual client. Collaborating with document creation is easily allowed with that same, secure storage of every iteration during the process.

Calendar easily schedules lawyers, para-legals and other staff for tasks and meetings both in and out of the office. Easily set up reminders of upcoming deadlines and other critical events.

Bookmark this page and re-visit us from time to time to learn more about our innovative and easy to use law office practice management software. We hope to be assisting you in making your practice management easier, more enjoyable, and above all, more accurate.