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Here is a little information about who we are and where we came from. If you have any questions about us or our innovative law office practice management software, please contact us using any of the methods listed on our "contact us" page.

Please note that if you try to call us by phone, we won't answer if caller ID does not provide us with identification we can recognize. This is due to the huge volume of calls coming in from unethical spammers and robo-dialers. Please leave us a message if we don't answer, and one of us will call you back shortly, or at whatever time you suggest. WE WILL NOT SPAM or pester you in any way, nor will we pass your return contact information, whether e-mail address or phone number, on to anyone else.

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A Little Information About Us

DBM Enterprises, Inc. was first founded in Florida in 1983 under the guidance of the same people who still guide the company 32 years later. DBM left Florida in 1993 and moved to Virginia, where it has operated continuously now for twenty two years producing and selling business management software products and systems for organizations delivering services to the legal and healthcare markets. More than 300 professionals, mostly healthcare providers, are currently using our software throughout the United States, with more than 200 dentists using it for paperless electronic medical records for more than six years. DBM has now released its Law Office Management version and looks forward to helping small law offices manage their practices efficiently and accurately.

Our CEO has many years of experience working as a bank auditor for a major national banking institution, a legal secretary for several attorneys, and as an office manager for a highly classified division of a major aerospace engineering company.

Our general manager, who is the guiding force behind the program design and development, is a retired attorney with more than twenty years experience consulting with many professional offices to help them manage their practices more effectively and efficiently since retiring from the practice of law.

Our director of programming has his MBA degree and has worked as the CFO and IT Director for a hospital. While working at that hospital, he developed a program for them to manage their home health care division. He learned all about the security and privacy requirements for the records he was creating in his software as he managed scheduling of personnel and resources in addition to the electronic medical records. He now has more than thirty years experience developing unique and innovative software that is very user friendly and reliable. He is a highly skilled programmer proficient in C++, GUI design, and SQL database development and design.

A consulting attorney currently in private practice in Florida and managing his own office is also working with us as we develop our law office management software.

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