Two aspects of data security must be addressed by any software you might consider using in your law office.

  • Physical security of your data to prevent loss, theft or destruction of your records

  • Confidentiality and privacy of all client records to prevent unauthorized disclosure to others

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Data Security

TCLOS security. If we expected you to use our software to efficiently manage your practice electronically without having to rely on hard copy (paper) backup, security of your records had to be our top priority. There are two aspects to security that we had to accommodate. These two aspects are physical preservation and client confidentiality and privacy preservation.

Client confidentiality and privacy is guaranteed by the high strength encryption of critical records, documents, and other restricted information as it is entered into your database. This encryption makes it impossible for anyone to access protected information, documents, etc., using any of the common database tools available. Access is only available through an authorized user of the TCLOS software in your office. When you set your software up for use in your office, you create the authorized user list along with the individual logins and passwords, and you assign what privileges those users have in accessing your data. Of course, this protection is only as good as the passwords assigned to each user and how well they protect their passwords from exposure to others.

Physical security of your records requires frequent (daily) backup processes, which we can help you automate, to prevent data loss. In addition, all critical information such as case notes, documents, and images that you add to any client's records are date and time stamped with the recording date, which can not be altered or back dated. In addition to that date and time stamp, all notes, documents and images may not be altered in any way after they are recorded, enabling us to guarantee that any particular note, document, or image was actually created in the database on its date and time stamped data. You may, of course, edit and alter any document if you wish, but you will only be able to save your edited document or note as a separate item from the original and with a new date and time stamp. The originally recorded item can not be replaced with an altered version or time stamp, thus guaranteeing its evidential validity and value.

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