Why use TCLOS?

Here are just a few reasons why TCLOS may be your best choice for general software to manage your practice.

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Why Use The Complete Law Office Solution (TCLOS)?

Why Do You Need Management Software at All?
While it is possible for you to manage your law practice without an overall law office management program, management software designed for a law practice can make that task much easier in several ways. The Complete Law Office Solution excels in all those ways.


A well designed law office management software product can make key tasks much more efficient. TCLOS has the most efficient and easiest to use Calendar manager. Not only does TCLOS make it very simple to maintain your schedule of meetings, court appearances, client conferences, and even your travel times, it makes your calendar available to multiple (authorized) personnel simultaneously at any time of day or night, and can even be accessed remotely through an encrypted and secure pathway from a smartphone, tablet, or other computer of almost any type via the internet. That means that your secretary could be making an appointment for a client meeting while you are checking your calendar from the court house on your wifi tablet. In fact, you can remotely access any client information or documents, and even post a charge for time spent working on a client's case away from the office. Efficiency, and especially effectiveness, are the main goals of our software design for TCLOS.

Ease of Use

TCLOS was designed to be uncomplicated and easy to use, even for a computer novice. Everything progresses logically through the entire process of gaining a new client, managing the work necessary to fulfil his needs, and the billing and collection of your fees. Most of the law office management software products available are very complex and tedious to use effectively. Why make your life more difficult when TCLOS can make management simpler and easier instead?

Install on your local network in your office, or in the cloud

It's your choice. You can even start one way and switch later to the other because you always own and control your data. And you can put it wherever you want. Many cloud based programs can ONLY store your data on their company servers in the cloud, and it can not be transferred for your use locally should you ever decide to move it out of the cloud and into your office, or even to have a local backup. With TCLOS, you always own your data, and you can access it forever securely regardless of where you initially locate it.


All confidential client information, documents, and notes are securely kept encrypted in your database, inaccessible to unauthorized users or hackers with outside tools. As long as you enforce good passwords for all users you set up in TCLOS, no one else will be able to get access to your confidential client records. Think of it kind of like a building manager who keeps all doors locked at all times and passes out keys to only those authorized to enter.

Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) = Greater ROI (Return On Investment)

The very reasonable cost of ownership for TCLOS can fit any budget. TCLOS will pay for itself in no time with the time savings your management tasks will experience. Plus, you will see immediate savings of no longer needed paper costs, elimination of lost or misplaced information or documents, missed deadlines, and greater accuracy and completeness of your records.

Integration with other products

We realize that there may be other specialized products you may wish to use such as research and discovery software, electronic filing programs, and others. We should be able to integrate with most all of them at no additional cost to you. That makes TCLOS adaptable to your law practice, assisting you in managing it the way you want to.

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